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Senior Shia Cleric Calls for Ousting US Troops from Iraq

A senior Shia cleric in Baghdad said on Friday that efforts should be stepped up to oust the US forces from Iraq.

Sayed Yasin al-Mousavi, a Shia cleric who delivered a sermon during the Friday prayer in Baghdad, warned that the US forces would not leave by themselves, and, therefore, it was necessary to put more effort into making them leave Iraq.

“The Americans have to be ousted because they do not intend to leave by themselves. Only resistance can expel them”, Mousavi said.

He added that those who do not support the expulsion of the US forces are actually “seeking to delay the end of injustice over the world”.

The Shia cleric also encouraged the Shia prayers at the ceremony to pray for the day when the US troops will be forced out. Source