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Iraqi MP Calls for Expulsion of UK, EU, Canada Diplomats for Hoisting LGBTQ Flag in Baghdad

An Iraqi lawmaker has called for the expulsion of UK, EU, and Canada’s diplomats for hoisting the LGBTQ flag in the capital Baghdad on Sunday.

The UK embassy wrote on Twitter that: “The British Embassy joins missions of @EUinIraq @CanadainIraq and @WorldBankMENA on International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia to reaffirm the UK’s commitment to protecting LGBT rights worldwide.”

MP Hassan Salim said in a statement that raising the flag of LGBTQ is “an insult to the Muslims as well as the traditions of Iraq”, considering those embassies “more dangerous” than the Islamic State (IS).

He noted that “Iraq should close down those embassies.”

Meanwhile, the committee of endowment and religious affairs at the Iraqi parliament called for an extraordinary session to discuss the matter. Source