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Nearly 200 Acres of Yezidi Crops Burned This Year: Official

Kurdish Yezidi farmers, like Kurds in other disputed areas, have suffered huge damages from the fire incidents which are targeting Kurdish-owned farms for the second year in Iraq, said an official.

Speaking to BasNews on Tuesday, Barakat Issa, head of Sinune directorate of agriculture, said that suspicious fire incidents have so far burned 200 acres of crops in Sinune alone.

He explained that the Kurdish farmers are impatient to harvest their products before the remaining is also burned to ashes.

Suspicious fire incidents burned over 500 acres in Sinune alone last year.

A study by the Iraqi Center for Policy Analysis and Research (ICPAR) estimated that the 2019 fire incidents costed farmers — the majority of whom are Kurds — approximately 645,951,000,000 IQD (about $542,689,872).  Source