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Iraq Summons Turkish Ambassador over Airstrikes in Kurdistan Region

Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday summoned the Turkish Ambassador Fatih Yildiz to express concerns over the recent Turkish airstrikes in the border areas of Kurdistan Region.

Turkish Defence Ministry announced earlier this week the beginning of Operation Claw-Eagle which was allegedly planned to target the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) positions in Kurdistan Region’s Sinjar, Avashin, and Makhmour.

The ministry has summoned the Turkish Ambassador to Iraq, Fatih Yildiz, amid Turkey’s attacks on a number of regions in northern Iraq and fears that these strikes have provoked fear among the population”, Iraq’s Foreign Ministry said in an official statement.

Iraq’s Join Operations Command previously condemned the airstrikes, reportedly carried out by 18 Turkish fighter jets. It described the operation as a “provocative action” and said Turkey had hit a refugee camp in Makhmour. Source