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US, Russian Troops Engage in Hand-to-Hand Fight in Syria: Monitor

A war monitor revealed on Thursday that the US and Russian troops in Syria’s Hasakah engaged in a hand-to-hand fight.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) cited “reliable sources” as saying that the two countries’ military vehicles chased each other near Al-Qahtaniyah town (Tirbespi) in the north-eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah “which evolved to a hand-to-hand fight.”

“An [Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces] SDF vehicle was broke down during the chase,” SOHR added.

Earlier on June 13, the Britain-based monitoring group reported that a Russian military convoy passed through a US checkpoints near Qamishli without stopping, in response, the US vehicles rushed to pursue the Russian forces, “only 200 metres away from the U.S. base in Tal Baydar, amid growing tension between the two sides.” Source