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Destroyed Houses Prevent IDPs from Returning: IOM Iraq

IOM Iraq has argued that destroyed houses in Mosul city and other areas, affected by the war against the Islamic State (IS), have prevented the IDPs from returning to their places of origin.

“Destroyed housing prevents families from returning and slows the recovery of communities,” IOM Iraq said in a statement on Twitter. “IOM Iraq with support from @StatePRM & @qcharity already removed debris and explosive hazards from over 20 households in West Mosul.”

It further noted that the next step would be about the construction of new houses in the region.

According to IOM, the war against IS group across Iraq “resulted in 140,000 damaged or destroyed households, including 1,500 completely destroyed homes in Mosul’s Old City alone. Destroyed housing remains one of the biggest problems in post-conflict Iraq.”

The Kurdistan Region has been hosting about 1.5 million IDPs and Syrian refugees since 2014 when the Islamic State attacked Iraq and overran a vast area in the country. Source