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KRG’s Reform Law to Go into Effect on 2nd July: MP

The reform law on salaries, pensions, and allowances will go into effect on 2nd July by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), said MP Omed Khoshnaw from ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

Earlier in January, Kurdistan Region Parliament unanimously passed the Reform Bill prepared by the KRG. It includes a series of measures designed to provide more certainty and accountability on salaries, pensions, and allowances for public servants.

MP Khoshnaw said this would be a major progress in KRG’s plan to fight corruption, and, therefore, it is necessary for the parliament to resume sessions so as to enable the legislature to monitor the steps towards reform.

Kurdistan Parliament suspended operation two weeks ago after an MP and several administration staffers tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Khoshnaw argues that after 14 days of suspending the parliament and following strict measures introduced at the facility, it is now safe to resume sessions and discuss the current challenges, including the virus outbreak, the financial hardship, and the implementation of the reform bill.

He also noted that parliament is needed now to urgently convene and discuss the growing instability in the disputed Kurdish territories which are under the control of the Iraqi government. Source