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Turkish Army Pushes Deeper into Kurdistan Border in Anti-PKK Operation

The Turkish army has advanced deeper into the border territories of the Kurdistan Region as part of its military operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Local sources from Darkar subdistrict of Zakho, Duhok province, said Turkey stationed additional troops on Mount Shaqul on Friday to establish its 12th outpost since the beginning of the fresh operations against the PKK.

Ankara announced the operation in mid-June, saying that the presence of the PKK guerrillas in the Kurdistan Region territories bordering southeast Turkey was a threat to its national security.

The operation and ongoing military clashes, however, have so far left at least seven civilians killed and several others injured. Meanwhile, dozens of villages along the border have been evacuated as the violence rages.

Earlier today, BasNews reported that at least 40 Christian families are among the villagers who have been forced to flee their homes due to the ongoing clashes.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has been repeatedly calling on Turkey and PKK to avoid using its territories for their conflict and take the war away from the civilian-populated areas. Source