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SDF Expects International Intervention If Turkey Attacks NE Syria: Official

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) expects the intervention of the international community if Turkey plans again to attack the Kurds in northeast Syria, commonly known as Rojava or Syrian Kurdistan, an official said.

Turkey and its affiliated Islamist groups are now in control of swathes of areas in north and northwest Syria after multiple military operations to drive the Kurdish forces out of the border strip.

Mustafa Bali, head of SDF media center, has reiterated his party’s commitment to the US-Turkey and Russia-Turkey agreements which has so far halted military actions in the region.

Following the deal between Washington and Ankara, Turkey ended Operation Peace Spring against the SDF. Later on, a separate agreement between Moscow and Ankara, convinced the Kurdish-led SDF to withdraw from the border territories and allow Russian and Syrian regime forces to fill the gap.

However, Bali said Turkey is likely to conduct another military incursion in Syria at any moment, for which the SDF is expecting its international partners to step in. Source