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Greece Calls for EU’s Sanctions on Turkey

A senior Greek diplomat on Thursday called on the European Union to impose “severe” sanctions on Turkey over the ongoing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Greece’s Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis told the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee that his country expects the EU to take action and show Turkey that it is defending its values.

Varvitsiotis insisted that, even if for a limited time, there should be sanctions on Turkey so to send out the message.

“The sanctions should put this pressure, to be severe, for a limited time, but severe, in order to send the message that Europe is here to negotiate but is also here to defend its values,” Reuters quoted the diplomat.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey escalated over energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey has began gas drilling.

EU leaders are set to discuss the issue during a summit on September 24-25. Source