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Iraqi Politician Calls for Normalization of Ties with Israel

Iraqi Sunni politician and the leader of Ummah Party, Mithal al-Alusi, has called for the normalization of ties between Iraq and Israel after two Gulf states made the move in the past few weeks.

Alusi, who is known for his pro-West political views, told al-Shafaq News on Saturday that he supports the UAE and Bahrain for their decision to open a new chapter with Israel and normalize their ties.

He explained that the conflict between Israel and Palestine has been exploited by some countries for their own interests and not for the good of the people of Palestine.

“There are nearly 700,000 Iraqi jews who currently live in Israel. Why should we enter a war with them for the sake of Gaza or for the sake of the bank accounts of the Palestinian groups,” Alusi said.

He also pointed out that the top Iraqi political leaders have had meetings with Israelis, “but they are afraid of the Iranians because Iran is the policymaker in Iraq”. Source