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US Delivers $250 Million Worth Military Assistance to Peshmerga

The United States has delivered $250 million to the Kurdistan Region as part of Washington’s military assistance for the Peshmerga ministry.

“Amb. Tueller toured a @KRG_MOPE facility today in Erbil. The US has committed $250 million in assistance via this facility,” US Consulate in Erbil said in a statement on Twitter. “The US is grateful for sacrifices made by brave Peshmerga against ISIS. This aid is a lasting symbol of US commitment to the people of Iraq and the IKR.”

Speaking to reporters, Kurdistan Region Peshmerga Minister Shoris Ismail reminded that the Peshmerga fighters, alongside the coalition forces, fought the Islamic State (IS), with the US playing a key role in defeating the jihadist group.

“Therefore, we always value the assistance by the coalition member countries, especially America, and we hope that this assistance will always continue for the Peshmerga forces because we all know that the terrorist group of Daesh has not been eliminated yet,” the Peshmerga minister added.

Ismail said that he received the US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller and they visited a few sites where trainings were ongoing for the Peshmerga fighters. Source