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Coalition Warplanes Destroy IS Camps in Syria: Spokesperson

US-led Coalition warplanes destroyed camps belonging to the Islamic State (IS) in Syria’s Badiyah Desert, Spokesperson Wayne Marotto confirmed on Sunday.

“Coalition forces conducted a series of strikes on Daesh camps in a remote area of the Badiyah Desert , Syria, in the early hours of Oct. 4,” he said in a statement published on his Twitter account.

“The Badiyah Desert is a known terrorist safe haven with a large concentration of Daesh fighters.”

The jihadist group uses these areas to train its militants and plot their malicious terrorist attacks throughout the region.

The spokesperson further noted that the coalition forces together with “our Syrian Democratic Forces partners won’t stop denying terrorists these safe havens.”

“The SDF, partnered with the Coalition, remain the most effective force against Daesh in Syria. With our relentless pressure, there is no safe place for Daseh terrorists to hide.” Source