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Sadr Warns of Baathists’ Return, Says He will Take Up Arms

Iraq’s prominent cleric and the leader of Sadrist Movement has warned of the Baathists attempting to return to the Iraqi politics, saying he will fight and resist such an attempt.

The statement came after Raghd, the eldest daughter of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, said in an interview with al-Arabiya, that she will possibly return to Iraq one day in the future to take part in the country’s political process.

Sadr, however, said there is no place for the Baathists in Iraq even if they disguise themselves under a new name.

He also warned that he will call on his followers to take up arms and fight if the Baathists ever try to make a move on Iraq.

Raghd Saddam Hussein is living in Jordan since her father’s regime was topple in 2003. Her occasional statements and interviews sometimes trigger hot debates in post-Baath politics of Iraq which is led by the majority Shia.