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Kurdistan-US Partnership Essential for Regional Stability: Coalition Spokesperson

The partnership between the United States and Kurdistan Region has an essential role to the security and stability in the region, said US-led Global Coalition Spokesperson Wayne Marotto.

“We are committed to our resolute partnerships with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Peshmerga forces. Together, we remain united in the fight to Defeat Daesh,” Marotto wrote on Twitter.

Earlier on Wednesday, Marotto accompanied a Coalition delegation during a visit to Erbil where they met with Kurdish Peshmerga forces to discuss cooperation with Peshmerga and Iraqi forces in the ongoing battle against the Islamic State (IS).

The Coalition delegation also visited a joint operation room which was established in 2015 to coordinate the military response by the Coalition, Peshmerga, and Iraqi forces to the security threats posed by IS.

According to a statement from the Peshmerga Ministry, the Coalition remains committed to help Erbil and Baghdad reach a closer cooperation to ensure the security and stability of the region and not be a safe haven for the remnants of IS.