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Iraq Generated over $5.5 Billion from Oil Exports in April: Ministry

The Iraqi government generated $5.52 billion from 88,398,319 barrels of oil it exported during the month of April, according to a statement from country’s Oil Ministry.

Official figures published on Sunday indicated that federal exports in April were nearly steady in comparison with the previous moth. Exports were 2.947 million barrel/day in April compared with 2.945 million barrel/day in March.

Southern exports were 2.851 million b/d in April compared with 2.846 million b/d in March while Kirkuk oil exports from the Turkish port of Ceyhan fell 3.7% to 95,447 b/d.

The country sold its oil in April at an average price of $62.505/b to rake in $5.52 billion, compared with an average price of $63.329/b and $5.78 billion in revenue in March, the ministry said.