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Washington Seeks a Stronger Role by Kadhimi in Curtailing Attacks on US Forces in Iraq

Washington seeks a stronger role by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi in curtailing drone attacks on the US forces in the country, a report said on Sunday.

The Iraqi prime minister on Sunday headed to Washington where he will discuss security, military, and health issues as part of the ongoing fourth round of Strategic Dialogue between the countries.

The Washington Times said that US President Joe Biden, during his upcoming meeting with Kadhimi on Monday, is expected to press him to play a stronger role in curtailing the drone attacks by pro-Iran militia groups against the US forces in the country.

However, analysts believe that Biden may not succeed in overcoming Kadhimi’s fears of retaliation from Iran.

“Iraq is not going to take a hard line against things that are not in the interest of Iraq,” Robert Rabil, a professor at Florida Atlantic University, said in a statement.

“The prime minister is pro-U.S., but he is also a nationalist and pro-Iraq. He knows he can’t make an enemy out of Iran.”