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Macron Promises Continued Support to Help Stability in Iraq

French President said on Saturday after his arrival in Baghdad that his country will remain a stedfast supporter of Iraq to lead the country towards stability.

Macron landed in the Iraqi capital on Friday night where Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi welcomed him during an official ceremony.

At a joint press conference by the two leaders, Macron pointed out that while Iraq’s top priority remains fighting the Islamic State (IS), France will continue to support the nation.

He also stated that France will financially support Iraq in its efforts to reconstruct the areas liberated from IS to help the internally displaced persons (IDP) safely return to their homes after years of displacement.

On the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Iraq, Macron encouraged to hold the vote on time as scheduled, and hoped that the elections would help Iraq’s political process.

He also underlined the importance of the Baghdad Conference for Development and Cooperation, saying that the stability of Iraq is not possible without a close cooperation between the regional actors.

On his turn, PM Kadhimi thanked Macron for visiting Iraq for the second time in less than a year, saying it is a crucial support for the Iraqis.

The Iraqi premier shed light on the cooperations between Baghdad and Paris in the fields of energy, economy, health, and war on terror, hoping that the partnership will go further to serve the best interests of Iraq and France.

Macron, alongside leaders from Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, is in Baghdad to take part in the one-day Baghdad Conference for Development and Cooperation which hopes to strengthen Iraq’s relations with other countries in the region.