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Friday’s Rocket Attack Targeted a Global Coalition Convoy in Iraq: Source

Friday’s rocket attack in the Iraqi city of Basra was not carried out against the US base near the borders with Kuwait, a source revealed on Saturday, explaining that it targeted a convoy of the Global Coalition forces in the region.

Last night, Iraqi media outlets reported that three rockets had been fired at a US base located near the Jraischan border crossing, also known as Safwan border crossing, from the Iraqi side, saying that two of them fell in the vicinity of the US base while the third one crossed the base towards the Kuwaiti territory.

However, a security source told BasNews on Saturday that the rocket attack was not targeting the US base in Kuwait or any other target inside it, noting that it hit a convoy of the Global Coalition forces which contained military vehicles being delivered to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense as part of military assistance for the country.

“The attack resulted in the complete destruction of several vehicles,” the source added, pointing out that no casualties were confirmed.

Sources indicated that the rockets were launched from the Safwan border area, west of Basra, towards the Kuwaiti lands, at midnight on Friday, explaining that three of them were fired from farms in Safwan district.

Some other sources believed that the rockets were directed at a US base near the Abdali district, on the borders with Kuwait.