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Iranian Artillery Bombards Kurdistan Borders

Iranian artillery bombarded the border areas of Kurdistan Region on Thursday morning without leaving any casualties, a local official has confirmed.

Ihsan Chalabi, the head of the town, told BasNews that the heavy bombardments lasted for around 30 minutes in Barbzeen and Bin Rashkinyan countryside in Sidakan town, Erbil province, with no civilian casualties confirmed.

The official warned that the bombardments are highly possible to be repeated in the region.

According to the information BasNews has learned, surveillance drones were also seen circling overhead during the bombardments.

The bombardments come two days after after Iranian military top officials threatened to target the alleged positions of the Iranian Kurdish opposition groups.

The Turkish and Iranian forces often bombard the border areas of Kurdistan Region allegedly to hit the positions of the opposition groups, while both the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the federal government of Iraq have repeatedly asked both the two neighboring countries and the armed groups to avoid using the Iraqi territories as a battlefield for settling their decades-long disputes.

Such bombardments often result in civilian casualties and property damages in the Kurdistan Region, while affecting the sectors of tourism and agriculture as well.