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Iraqi Troops Storm Third Neighborhood of Tal Afar

The Iraqi counter-terrorism forces stormed on Wednesday the al-Tanak neighbourhood in central Tal Afar district, 70 km northwest of Mosul, where the fighting is ongoing to clear the district from the Islamic State (IS).

“The anti-terrorism forces began to break into al-Tanak area on the eastern axis of Tal Afar district after the complete liberation of al-Kifah and al-Khadraa neighbourhoods from the grip of IS,” Captain Mohammed Jassim from Counter-terrorism forces, told BasNews.

He said that their forces stormed Tanak neighborhood from several fronts and clashed with the militants after taking control of several alleys and strategic positions within the neighborhood.

The anti-terrorism forces managed to deal with the bombs and explosive devices planted across the first lines of the neighborhood, Jassim said.

Meanwhile, the security forces managed to kill three snipers during the clashes at the entrance to the northern axis of Tal Afar district, which was stormed on Wednesday by the federal police forces, Major Salam al-Khafaf, a commander of Nineveh Operations told BasNews.

According to local sources, the Iraqi military has been warning the militants in Tal Afar through loud speakers, at extremely high volume, to surrender or die in the city.