Iraq will continue to repay Kuwait’s debts until 2021

Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid al-Jarallah said on Friday that Iraq will continue to pay the debts of Kuwait until 2021, noting that 85 cases between the two countries have been resolved.

Asked about the Iraq reconstruction conference and the pledge of $ 2 billion and whether it was related to Iraqi compensation, Al-Jarallah was quoted as saying that “compensation is nothing, payment is something, and commitments at the Iraq Reconstruction Conference else”.

Explaining: “We sat with the Iraqis and with the United Nations, and agreed on the payment mechanism, and embarked by Iraq, and will end in the year 2021.”

Pointing out that “the issues that are still stuck between Kuwait and Iraq are simple, 85 percent of which were resolved within the framework of the Security Council resolutions, leaving very few (prisoners, property and maritime borders after point 62).”