Young Kurdish Writer Tells Story of Yezidi Children in Her First Book  

A young Kurdish writer has published her first book which is dedicated to the story of Yezidi children who have survived the brutality of the Islamic State (IS).

Sham Barham, 17, spent months in the IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region to record a series of “heartbreaking” stories by 10 Yezidi children.

The book was launched at an event on Tuesday in the presence of Kurdish officials and foreign diplomats.

Sham Barham said that the income from selling the book would be for the children whose stories are told in her book, many of whom are still living in dire situations in IDP camps.

In her book, Sham explained that the book was published in English language as she hopes the world could see the Yezidis suffering from the brutality of the extremist groups. Therefore, it is ironically titled “You Are Just Watching: The Story of Yezidi Children Who Survived The Islamic State”. Source