Iraqi MP Calls on UN to Intervene in Iraq-Iran War Reparations

An Iraqi MP has strongly criticized the country’s government for “being soft on Iran” in reacting to Tehran’s demands for the old Iraq-Iran war reparations, calling on the UN to intervene and decide which side should compensate the other.

MP Fayaq Sheikh Ali said on Sunday in a statement on his Twitter account that the Islamic Republic “cannot insult the Iraqis whenever it wants to” and that it can’t ask for compensation “for no reasons”.

Sheikh Ali has also criticized the Iraqi government, noting that it should be braver against the neighboring country’s request of war reparations.

Earlier, Iran asked Iraq for a total of $ 11 billion where the Iraqi lawmaker responded to it and said that Tehran should reimburse Baghdad with $ 22 billion for “sending the Islamic State to Iraq and leading one million Iraqis to death”. Source