Iraq Seeks US Approval on Exchanging Food for Iranian Gas: Official

The Iraqi government is looking for possible methods in order to continue the purchase of gas and energy supplies from neighboring Iran under the US sanctions, among them is exchanging food for Iranian gas, according to officials from Baghdad.

Iraq is heavily dependent on Iranian gas and energy supplies for its power stations. It was given an exemption by the US to continue energy trades with Tehran for another 45 days starting from 5 November when Washington imposed the sanctions.

However, Baghdad has made it clear that finding an alternative to Iranian energy supplies after the 45 days might not be possible, and it, consequently, could lead the country into a serious power crisis.

Speaking to Reuters, a senior government official and a member of Iraq’s ministerial energy committee has confirmed that Baghdad is now demanding Washington to allow the exchange of Iraqi food supplies for Iranian gas.

“The American deadline of 45 days to stop importing Iranian gas is not enough at all for Iraq to find an alternative source,” the first official said.

“Stopping Iranian gas after the deadline will create a real power crisis. We need more time … the Americans are completely aware of how desperately we need the Iranian gas.” Source