Barzani: Annulling Peshmerga Vote Not Acceptable, Dangerous Indication

While the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) welcomes any legal procedures, including a repeated election to address the issue of recent parliamentary election results, it “strongly” rejects annulment of Peshmerga votes, said Kurdish prominent leader and former Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani.

Barzani, who is also the leader of KDP, received on Monday the US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman to discuss the post-election political developments in Iraq where the Kurdish top official stressed on three main principles that the next government of Baghdad should include such as a real partnership, consensus, and balance”.

During the meeting, Barzani noted that there have been violations against his party during the vote process in the IDP camps in Nineveh.

“Cancelling the votes of our Yezidi brothers and sisters was to prevent the KDP from taking the first place in Nineveh,” Barzani stated.

“Annulment of the Peshmerga votes is a dangerous sign of demolishing the future of Kurdistan, therefore we will strongly resist the decision,” the Kurdish leader concluded. Source