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Turkish and US Forces Patrolling Near Syrian Kurdish Town of Manbij

Turkish forces and US army personnel have started independent patrols near the Kurdish town of Manbij, north of Syria.

“As per the Manbij Roadmap and Safety Principles previously agreed upon, independent patrol activities by soldiers of the Turkish Armed Forces and U.S. Armed Forces have begun on the line between (the Turkish-controlled) area and Manbij,” Reuters quoted a tweet by Turkish Armed Forces.

Ankara and Washington reached an agreement earlier this month over the withdrawal of Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) from Manbij.

The sides also agreed to provide security in the region jointly.

Speaking to Reuters, Pentagon spokesperson Eric Pahon said that Monday’s patrols were coordinated between the Turkish and US forces.

“Coalition and Turkish forces have begun coordinated but independent patrols near, but not in, Manbij,” he stated.

The Turkish patrol was also confirmed by a spokesperson for Manbij Military Council which is affiliated with the US-backed YPG forces.

“On the Manbij side there are Manbij military council and coalition forces doing patrols,” Muhammad Abu Adel told Reuters, adding that the Turkish troops and their Syrian rebel allies were patrolling the other side. Source