Spokesman of “Victory”: Our alliance with others is a “political lever”

The coalition of victory led by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi that he is working with the coalition, “Surson” led by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr to form a coalition between them a solid nucleus of the largest parliamentary bloc.

“The alliance that was declared between al-Nasr and Salloun came as the culmination of dialogues, endeavors and deep understandings. We hope and work to be a solid nucleus of the largest parliamentary bloc,” coalition spokesman Hussein al-Adli said in a statement on Sunday.

Abadi and Sadr, on Saturday from Najaf, announced their alliance ahead of the formation of the new Iraqi government, stressing that this alliance is “transient sectarian and ethnic.”

Al-Adly added that the alliance between Al-Nasr and Suron “will be the political leverage after the understanding of the parameters and foundations of the next stage.” He pointed out that “openness and dialogue is with all blocs to crystallize the final formulations of the foundations and structures of the political stage, including the administration of the state’s action and its files.”

Al-Adly confirmed that the victory “sees that the draft law to extend the life of the House of Representatives is a constitutional dispute, and in 2010 a precedent where the term of Parliament expired, and the government lasted 9 months without parliamentary cover, and all agreed then on the unconstitutional extension of the work of parliament.”

“The federal court is al-Faisal in the case of the legality of the extension or not.”

The Iraqi parliamentary elections took place on May 12 last year, the system of electronic voting, which was applied for the first time in the country, which caused great controversy and criticism after the announcement of the results, while the Parliament took several actions, including ending the work of the Electoral Commission and the appointment of nine new judges ends their work By approving the final results of counting and manually counting the results of the vote.

The Federal Court decided last Thursday to support the third amendment to the election law, which was voted by the parliament earlier, and refused to cancel the results of the vote for the Kurdistan region and the elections of the displaced and displaced, while supporting the process of counting and counting of all electoral stations in Iraq.

Abadi called the political blocs to hold a high-level meeting after the Eid al-Fitr holiday, to agree on the program of state administration in all its institutions.

Sadr, announced this month, the alliance of his list, “Saron”, which topped the election results, with the list of “conquest” led by Hadi al-Amiri, who came second in the elections, to form the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament. Source