Online Application Opened for Baghdad Governor Post

The provincial council of Baghdad opened on Sunday the online application for the people interested in running for the governor in the capital city.

Raa’d Jabbar, head of media committee at the council, told reporters that people could now apply online to become the next governor of Baghdad.

The deadline is set for Thursday, 22nd November.

“Everyone could send their resumes and apply. A legal committee will then shortlist the applicants and will elect one as the governor,” Jabbar said.

Earlier, the Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi set up a website for online applications, through which he hoped to form his first cabinet with “technocrat” figures free from political affiliations.

However, his attempt almost failed after political factions pushed for placing their nominees to ministerial positions. Mahdi’s cabinet, up to the moment, lacks eight ministers due to unsettled political disputes between different factions. Source