Soon .. a delegation from one of the largest Kurdish parties to Baghdad

The former deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Iraqi parliament, Majid Shankali, on Wednesday, the formation of a delegation of a unified Kurdish including the Democratic parties and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, for the purpose of visiting the Iraqi capital.

“The Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will form a unified delegation to hold talks in Baghdad,” he said. “These talks will focus on the new government. The Kurdish delegation will also discuss the guarantee of the rights of the people of Kurdistan according to the Iraqi constitution.”

He added that «this large Kurdish delegation, will visit the capital Baghdad very soon, and we expect the visit will be positive and will lead to high-level understandings with political partners in Baghdad», stressing that «to this moment there are no political alliances at all, but understandings only».

The news comes, days after the visit of a delegation of the Alliance <Fatah> and the coalition of the “State of Law” to Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region.

A member of the delegation, a leader of the coalition of “the rule of law> SaadAlmtalibi, earlier for (Basneoz),” The meeting of our delegation with the Kurdish leaders in Kurdistan was very good, and the atmosphere of meetings and negotiations were also positive, indicating that ” Looking with most of the large Kurdish forces ».

He added that these «dialogues and negotiations are preliminary, there is a visit very close to the Kurdish delegation to the capital Baghdad, to complete the dialogue and negotiation between the two sides». Source