KDP, PUK Agree on Parliament, Kirkuk Provincial Council to Hold Sessions This Month

High-level delegations of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) held another meeting on Tuesday to proceed with the negotiations over the government formation procedures.

Following the meeting, PUK Spokesperson Saadi Ahmed Pira told reporters that the two major parties agreed on three issues.

The first, according to Pira, is to form a joint committee that will design a political project within a week to organize the cooperation between the KDP and PUK in forming the new government.

The sides also agreed on Kurdistan Region parliament to convene later this month on 18 February. However, it was not clear if the lawmakers would be discussing about electing a new speaker during the session.

“Kirkuk provincial council will also meet the same day to resolve disputes with the help of KDP, PUK and the Kurdistan Regional Government, hoping to eventually elect a new governor for Kirkuk,” Pira explained.

According a separate statement by KDP, the Kirkuk provincial council will hold its meeting in Erbil.

After more than four months since the parliamentary election, the Kurdish political parties are yet to reach a consensus over the establishment of a new cabinet.

The KDP, which emerged victorious with 45 seats, blames other parties, among them the PUK, for linking Kirkuk and Baghdad disputes with the process of government formation in Erbil. Source