KRG Takes Sweeping Gun-Control Measures

Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Interior has stepped up the efforts to end the widespread gun possession in the region.

The ministry issued an order on Sunday (10th February) that enforces the measures to limit weapons to the authorized hands only.

According to the official order, every security and police office in Kurdistan will establish a new department that would send people through restrictive procedures before issuing a weapon license.

Those who already posses a licensed weapon should visit the designated offices and apply for a renewed license. Others with no license are obliged to go through the procedures, which includes medical checks.

The order has made it clear that only pistols and AK-47s would be registered for eligible civilians. Any other sort of weapon should be handed over to the ministry of Peshmerga.

Several reports have recently warned of rising rates of gun violence across the Kurdistan Region as a result of the uncontrolled market for weapons. Source