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Syria Calls for Urgent UN Security Council Meeting on Golan Heights

The Syrian government has called on the United Nations Security Council to urgently convene to discuss the issues related to Goan Heights.

The call came after US President Donald Trump on Monday officially recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

“Damascus requested on Tuesday that the UN Security Council holds an urgent meeting on the issue of the Golan Heights,” AFP reported on Tuesday, citing a letter seen by journalists.

In an earlier statement made to Sputnik, Syrian Information Minister Imad Sara questioned the effectiveness of the international law with Washington’s move on the issue.

“In the long-term prospect, Trump’s action confirms that the international legitimacy no longer exists. International law was killed with Trump’s pen as well, when he signed off on violence against the Golan,” said the minister.

He reiterated his country’s determination to regain control of all the territories, including Golan Heights. Source