IS Shifts Back to Insurgency Fight: Former Chief of Staff

Since it has been defeated on the frontlines in both Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State (IS) militants have now begun an insurgency fight on both sides of the border, said Babakir Zebari, the former Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army.

IS was defeated in Iraq late in 2017 after three years of a deadly war. The group was eliminated from its last stronghold in Syria on 21st March this year.

Zebari explained to BasNews that IS has now shifted from combat on the frontlines to an insurgency war across Iraq and Syria which creates another challenge for the security forces.

“[IS] is constantly active but differently in different areas. What is crucial is that the Iraqi security forces should take this threat into serious consideration,” the former top commander said.

He warned that the stability and security situation in Mosul impacts the whole country and that the Iraqi government should deal with this issue with extra caution.

“Some officials are destroying the situation in Mosul. Therefore, IS is posing a serious threat to Mosul and entire Iraq now,” he added.

Concerning Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s role in stabilizing Iraq in the post-IS era, Zebari said the premier is capable of saving Iraq from the current crisis, “but I am afraid he will one day resign”. Source