Gazprom Announces Increased Production in Kurdistan

Russia’s Gazprom Neft announced on Thursday that it has increased its production at the Sarqala field in Kurdistan Region.

The giant oil company said a new production well has helped to boost the production at the field by 25%.

“Potential production at this new well is estimated at 12,000 bpd. Cumulative daily oil production at the field, following the commissioning of the Sarqala-3 well, has increased by 25% reaching 35,000 bbl,” World Oil reported.

“The well runs to a TD of 3,291 m, with drilling having been undertaken under the challenging geological conditions of the Sarqala field—anomalously high pressure and reservoir temperature having demanded the use of a selection of 11 technological solutions. The construction of the Sarqala-3 well has, as a result, involved the use of large-diameter casing pipes with ultra-strong thread connections, weighted drilling mud for bottom-hole flushing, and cement incorporating mineral-based and iron-oxide additives.” Source

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