US-Iran Tensions to Burn All: Iraqi Shi’ite Leader

As tensions between the US and Iran further grows, an Iraqi Shi’ite leader warns of devastating impacts on everyone in the region, including Iraq.

Hadi Ameri, the leader of Fatih (Conquest) Alliance, said in a statement that all the involved sides should work to de-escalate tensions between US and Iran.

He said that a war could “burn all”.

Ameri, who is also known as a key figure in the leadership of Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi, claimed that neither Iran nor the US wants war.

“Neither Iran nor the US wants clash, but it is Israel that wishes for war,” he said in a statement cited by Kurdistan 24.

“This is national, religious, and ethic responsibility of all to avoid war, first in Iraq and then everywhere in the region.”

The statement comes after a rocket was fired at Baghdad’s Green Zone where the US embassy is located. The attack resulted in no casualties and no serious damages. Source

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