Iran’s Rouhani Says Foreign Forces Not Welcome in the Gulf

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani once again reiterated his country’s objection to the formation of a maritime security mission led by the US in the Gulf, saying foreign forces are not welcome.

The Iranian president pointed out that Iran and other Gulf states could protect the region without any interventions by the US and other countries, state TV reported.

Following the seizure of a UK-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf by Iran, US launched a maritime security mission, backed by the UK.

After reports of Israel joining the US-led mission in the Gulf, Iran threatened to not remain silent.

“If Israel enters the Strait of Hormuz, it will be engulfed in the wrath of the region and smoke will rise from Tel Aviv,” Hossein Amir Abdollahian, a senior advisor to Iranian parliament speaker, wrote on Twitter.

“Any US led military coalition in the Hormuz Strait is a repetition of Iraq/Afghanistan occupations and an escalation of insecurity in the region.” Source

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