Kurdish Mathematician Elected World Top ‘Thinker’

Kurdish mathematician, The Fields Medal winner and Cambridge University professor, Caucher Birkar has been announced as the winner of “The World’s Top Thinkers” of 2019.

“Tens of thousands voted to choose the world’s top thinker from the 50 names we presented in our last issue,” said Prospect organization in an official statement.

“In the event, though, the runaway winner was a thinker of a different sort: the 41-year-old Cambridge mathematician Caucher Birkar. It’s hugely satisfying to see work of pure thought honoured in this way—and doubly so because this is a Fields Medal winner with quite a backstory,” it added.

Earlier in March, Birkar visited Erbil where he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Salahaddin University.

“Birkar is a Kurd from Iran, one of four states that plays home to the stateless Kurdish people, and one where the traditional answer to their national aspirations has been an iron fist,” the statement by Prospect described the Kurdish world thinker. Source

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