Iraqi Parliament to Discuss Russian S-400 Purchase: MP

The Iraqi parliament will hold discussions to set a mechanism and help the government in the purchase plan of Russian-made S-400 missile defense system, said a lawmaker.

With the growing tensions between the US and Turkey over latter’s S-400 purchase, and while the Iraqi government struggles to maintain a balanced relation with US and Iran, Iraq’s plans to buy the missile system from Russia seems a controversial decision to be made by Baghdad.

However, MP Ali al-Bi’eji, from the State of Law Coalition bloc at the Iraqi parliament, told reporters that the US does not own Iraq, and that the Iraqi government is free to decide on the country from which it purchases arms.

“We do not allow any pressure by the US,” the MP said, explaining that they will prepare a bill for the upcoming session of the parliament to help the Defense Ministry with arm deals to equip its troops.

According to MP Bi’eji, they will also work to oust the foreign forces from Iraq.

Previously on various occasions, Shia factions and militia groups close to Iran threatened to attack the US forces in Iraq if they stay beyond the time they are required. Source

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