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Benjamin Fulford Unleashed! Gold Standard Currency Reset, Trump Announcement Coming?

Robert David Steele:  Jun 3, 2020

BF: We were contacted by a group called The Golden Dragon…..Supposedly next week we are having a meeting.  The idea is that unlimited funding will be made available but we have to have an agreement from the Federal Reserve board which I believe is owned now by the US treasury..

So from the Asian side they want to make unlimited funding available but there has to be some fundemantal Western agreement to go ahead.

RDS: My sources tell me the deal has already been cut between Ji, and Trump and Putin and the money is moving this week .

BF: I think we are close.

RDS: I received a text today from my Trump source who basically said it’s on for Monday.

RDS: I Believe Trump is getting ready to make some big economic announcements. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to announce an Asset backed currency in June.

RDS: The Attorney General just called out George Soros for sedition…. I think we are about to see some arrests and a better use of the National Security Agency .

BF: The Khazarian mafia have failed in their terrorist insurrection and have now revealed their network …they really blew it.

RDS: The NSA have every phone call, record, email from these people and Presedent Trump needs to get these in front of the public domain.

BF: Back to what I said in the beginning…..the world is waiting for the current system to implode….With the Dragon family….if we can get an agreement, they will release unlimited funds for main stream as long as its connected to things that really exist. .

RDS: This is the Nesara/ Gesara thing?

BF…No – if the east is involved….they have the physical infrastructures and factories ….it’s not just numbers on computers……they are willing to come in and help the US rebuild their infrastructure and industrial base. …They don’t want t do this though if there is a corrupt regime.

RDS: I don’t want the Chinese building local factories in the US

BF: if would be Americans building local factories in the US….but they would be getting help like having machine tools brought in from other parts of the world…things like that. …It would not be a Chinese run thing…..It would be a Western run thing with some help. Competent, un-corrupt- Main street type people……not the Khazarian financial crooks who hijacked  your system and your country and turned it into the hell hole it is right now.

RDS: I work with some people….We have identified 200 trillion dollars in stolen assets. …half in naked short selling and half in money laundering… . What this means is that the president can use a series of powers including the civil and criminal forfeiture as well as his war powers to confiscate 200 trillion dollars worth of value and move that money to main street to the rural areas and creating factories.

BF: You need to set up some kind of economic reconstruction commission of competent people to set up a coherent plan ….then the rest of the world will come in and help any way they can for an American led….American run-rebuilding thing…..That is why this Golden Dragon thing will give unlimited funds…..but only if the Americans will be 50-50 partners on this.   .

BF: I’ll know more next week…..I have a meeting with senior European royals who supposedly run the Quantum Financial system….and people above Ji Jing Ping on the Asian side. I would like to see this happen for the sake of the planet.

RDS: Should I post this video or keep it private?

BF : Go ahead and post it….if it doesn’t happen, well, it doesn’t happen…but by letting people know what’s going on we may get more support for this plan. Just being realistic.

BF: One more thing…..6-11 is like a reverse 9-11. So everybody try to do an anti  9-11 on 6-11. Do good stuff……..maybe arresting people and putting them in jail????  Maybe take everyone known to be associated with 9-11…put them  in handcuffs in front of the world…..the US military could easly do this.

RDS: We will end with that.