All credible reports on the recount result until now, have indicated very little or no deviation – and no fraud or vote tampering. …Abadi plainly said there wouldn’t be any major change in election results – he was right. There appears to be no big change in the vote count. The process couldn’t be more vetted. The UN is overseeing it for Heaven’s SAKES!!   …The short answer on all the squabble and who was making noise? EASY – look at those who were in Parliament and those who don’t have immunity now. The former political ruling class.

Those who are “now out in the cold”. Parliament had several emergency meetings right before the end of their term trying to cook something up that would save their hides… some law, some vote, something…It doesn’t look like fraud. It looks more like the people just got sick and tired of being taken advantage of and voted these characters out. Not exactly – but that’s what it looks like …    IMHO…the attempts to burn the ballots boxes came out of the Maliki camp.

In the end, it was a big stall.  Similar to recognizing Abadi’s characteristic approach earlier… THIS HAS BEEN MALIKI’S M.O. IN THE PAST. He creates chaos and finds himself some room to work in the middle of all the mess. The good news? It doesn’t look like it will be the sweeping victory he was hoping for. At this point, my guess is, Maliki’s very best outcome is he lands himself some minor role in the next GOI and avoids getting hung. Which is a guess only – and likely the very best possible outcome for him. I’m not saying the odds are good for this happening. I’m only saying – this would be a win for him. Political survival.

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