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Listen folks…

Posted on March 5, 2020 by The Dinar Observer

Think about all this for just a sec…

They have had several Shia dominated government’s that were corrupt and not getting anything done for anyone but themselves… (Maliki, Abadi and Mahdi).

They were headed for another Shia dominated government with even less accountability than in the past.

1) The protesters didn’t like this guy.

2) The Kurds didn’t like him.

3) Sadr didn’t like him.

4) The Iraqi President of the Republic, Barham Salih, very nearly resigned over having to “nominate” him in the first place.

There are is a very good chance we just dodged another bullet with the developments of last Sunday.

If he wasn’t the right guy to get this done – he wasn’t the right guy.

Instead of always thinking THIS was some kind of delay…

If these protests continue and we get a real reformer in there, this could still be a huge win for us… especially with Iran getting “blacklisted” like they are.

There will be very little latitude for Iraq to continue doing business with (and selling US Dollars to) a country under such international scrutiny.

The end result? Less Iranian influence and not nearly as much need for the CBI / IQD / currency auctions. The ending of these auctions will likely usher in true currency reform in Iraq.