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BGG Newstime

BGG says    here’s my insider story for the nite…
BGG says    you guys will likey..

trout1 says    ours have claws all of um

BGG says    Mike (Kaperoni) has worn us all out with this 2% IMF guideline business..
BGG says   a long time ago… I told him… when it’s time – they will magically “be in compliance”…

BGG says   for whatever reason…  guess what…  THEY ARE.
BGG says     more curious than that they are…   is HOW??

maine says    yay
BGG says    and WHY??  think about it….   (lemme’ go check something,,,)
Doodle Brain says    😀 Jeopardy Theme Song

THE BLOG – Dinar Daily NEWS Blog –

BGG says    30 days ago the “market rate” was 1225…

BGG says     it’s 1212 now…

BGG says     they have “magically” brought the Market Rate down to 1212…
BGG says    How..  better question – why??   who should care??

BGG says    better question…  follow me here…
BGG says    they also brought the “sell rate” within the 2% IMF compliance…

BGG says    How??  they are now SELLING the Dinar at 1182 per Dollar.
BGG says    stop and think about it for a sec…

maine says    where are they selling it?
maine says     in country?

BGG says    the CBI “magically” decided to go from 1166 to 1182 – any ideas as to why??

BGG says to maine    wrong question…
BGG says to maine    they’ve been going along like a bunch of RETARDS…

Hutch says to BGG    MD said to adjust for cost of living
BGG says to maine    the IMF takes over – they start following a plan.

diagyAAAE says    It shows they can change the RaTe?

carxpress says    to get within the 2% of the street-rate?
Hutch says to BGG    No longer an imposed rate

wmawhite says to BGG    Possobly, the IMF has expectationsfor 2016?
wmawhite says to BGG     Possibly

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG     other than telling the world they’re ready following international standards via IMF to turn on their currency ya got me lol

wmawhite says to BGG     do you agree that the CBI is no longer doing anything today in a vacuum?

cjquade54 says      what am I missing … 1182 + 2%=1205.64 … 1212-2%=1187.76

BGG says to wmawhite    that is another good point. There is obviously a new plan…

wmawhite says to BGG    Agreed……the IMF announced 3 weeks ago a new MoU with the CBI and expectation of Iraq re-entering the economy markets prior to the first half of 2016.

BGG says to Hutch    that may or may not be – but it looks pretty fishy to me – IMF takes over, Market rate goes to 1212 – and CBI sell rate goes to 1182… first thing that comes to mind…

BGG says to Hutch    “riddle me this….”

Nadita says    BGG… the rate has changed… wonder if 1182 is their buy rate and 1212 is their sale rate..????    is there such a thing like root beer float..? lol

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    I got somethin on this if you’d like me to post it from Zebari and IMF…to add to what your saying

Nadita says    the spread is also 2%

Imperator says     i do not believe they need 90 days at 2%


cjquade54 says to quicktolegit96    have you been listening to F26?

quicktolegit96 says     CJ HOW DID U KNOW LOL

cjquade54 says to quicktolegit96    lol

wmawhite says to Imperator     Regardless of 90 days or no 90 days……the IMF has already stated what their expections are…….the Iraq is going to do something during the first part of 2016. Done, done and done.

Nadita says    F26 still good

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    Go!!
BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    Please…

Imperator says    i have heard before the first of 2016

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    because – this IS THE STORY.

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    ” IMF to implement macro economic reforms”

Imperator says    it has to happen at the beginning of a year.


diagyAAAE says    Testing 1. 2. Rate testing is in the hands of the puppeteer… IMF is obviously showing their hand…MR WHite exactly!

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    that takes me back to the IMF ammendments added within the budget
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    imo                                                                                  🙂

wmawhite says to diagyAAAE    ty

Hutch says to BGG    It should help bring in more notes as well

BGG says to wmawhite    hopefully, VERY first part… (as in – tomorrow 😀 )

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    “macro”

msdiva says to wmawhite    (y)
tubbyone says    RV yet?
pinklady says to BGG    So you don’t think the cement trucks are exciting? 😀

BGG says to wmawhite    proverbially speaking – of course…

wmawhite says to BGG    the IMF would never open their mouths….state what they expect Iraq to do unless they have a solid reason to do so.

Hutch says to BGG    Paving?

Doodle Brain says to wmawhite     …and that they are ready to do it!

wmawhite says to BGG    Of course,…….if the CBI is in concert with the IMF everything that we are seeing is headed towards those expectations………….always, going with what we know…….the MoU CBI/IMF.

cowboydownsouth says    yaaaahooooo tomorrow 😀

Imperator says    i also have serious doubts we will ever see a 50K note circulating, of course I could be wrong.

diagyAAAE says    Small Talk… Let The IMF do thier thang! I agree Mr white

BGG says to Imperator    funny how we haven’t heard much about that lately??

Imperator says    very funny

diagyAAAE says to sheila3    😀 you just hd to whoop it

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG     Ministry Of Planning:
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG     Parliamentary Finance reveal government amendments to the budget    Date: 07/12/2015 13:37

sheila3 says to diagyAAAE    (y):D

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG     Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, Monday, for the amendments made by the Council of Ministers on the state budget for the 2016 law, as he emphasized that the law will pass during the next two weeks.

The committee member said Hossam punitive in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, “After working in the Finance Committee to study the budget in all its articles and clauses, especially the last amendment, which came from the Council of Ministers that the amendments included a reduction of expenses in total increased by one trillion dinars, as it was 106 and is now 105 trillion dinars of total expenditures.”

cowboydownsouth says    Whoopow yaaaawhoooooo just get it done 😀

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    Jubouri’s office announced the budget put forward for a vote in Parliament next Monday

Read More :…nt-next-Monday

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG   click here for more:  LINK…5%D9%8A%D8%A9-

wmawhite says to BGG    With all of this said……………..what is needed by the CBI to “re-enter the economy markets during the first half of 2016????? whatis needed? Answer: a currency that Iraq can conduct international commerce.
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    so we got IMF and MOP having implemented ammendments and control mechanisms within the budget…hmmm

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    I put that article in THE BLOG yesterday about the budget getting passed in the next 2 weeks.

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    I didn’t see much point in the “allure” of PAVING…

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    Jabouri confirming…good stuff

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    for HEAVEN’S SAKES!!   BRB

Nadita says    BGG.. you think rate is in the budget…?

quicktolegit96 says    NADITA YES

Nadita says    quick. I thought so too
Nadita says.    so if they vote budget on Monday… we could see sweet home Alabama on Wednesday or sometimes this week 🙂

Imperator says    it wasnt all that long ago that all the news was about political backstabbing, Maliki this Maliki that, just look at what we have currently. night and day difference.

Doodle Brain says    Maliki who?

Imperator says    lol
maine says    lol
Nadita says    Imperator.. agree with you.. Maliki is distraction to what is happening right before our eyes…
Nadita says    doodle.. lol

puffdragon says to Doodle Brain    Maliki the geekie !

Doodle Brain says    I have no idea who you guys are talking about 😀

Nadita says    better be good, bake the cookies, don’t forget the organic milk.. santa is coming early 🙂

RickeyT says    just call me “bluguyholdinhisbreath”

Doodle Brain says    Your mouth to God’s Ears Nadita!

Nadita says    rickey..

Imperator says    can you imagine being in Malikis position, having the opportunity to make history as a hero and statesman, and just blow it by greed and theft.

Nadita says    Doodle.. I hope and pray He is listening to me and smiling 🙂

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG   dang I posted the wrong article…meant this one BGG pertaining to MOP

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    Planning announces controls projects in 2016 budget 23/11/2015 11:43

diagyAAAE says to sheila3    Cant LOL FAIL!

Nadita says    imperator… won’t make any difference.. his pocket is lined with tons of bens
Nadita says    diagy lol


CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    The Ministry of Planning, Monday, for the controls and mechanisms for the implementation of new and ongoing investment projects in a manner postpaid and to be adopted within the next year’s budget in 2016.

He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement that representatives of the Ministries of Planning and Finance, and in consultation with the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister acknowledged the controls that will be adopted in the implementation of projects on credit, which stressed that the implementation of projects in this way is for projects developed in accordance with Article 26 of the Budget Law for 2015, taking into consideration ongoing in the draft 2016 budget projects and include text

BGG says to wmawhite    That is a most interesting point…

Nadita says    BGG.. what are you going to do when this rv..? and the chat is overloaded…

BGG says to wmawhite    What do they need??

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG  click here for more:…ink/87400.html

wmawhite says to BGG   Of course, a currency…………but to do what? Conduct business.

diagyAAAE says    Lets just hope that what they DONT need is more “time”.

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    and we know MOP been working off 1.13 via their feasibility studies since 2011 I believe or 2012

BGG says to Nadita    No – I don’t, the rate is where it has always been – the CBI, when it is time… they will change it.

Nadita says    BGG.. the goose is cooked and ready to be carved..

wmawhite says to BGG    And IMO,……..this is truly where we are today…..we have been told what to expect by the IMF.

Baxter1243 says    Question: Does Iraq have to be in Article 8… to have an international currency?
Nadita says    BGG.. don’t you think the rate has been set long time ago and now they are just rolling the list one by one so doesn’t shock their people to brain freeze

Imperator says    i think theynwill be in Article 8 WHEN they have international currency.

Nadita says    Bax I thought they need tradeable currency to be in article 8

BGG says to Nadita    No – my next point is…

katkat says    BGG, are tariffs still to be imposed on Dec 15?

wmawhite says to Baxter1243    The IMF’s Article 8 is to the world’s financial institutions the “Good House Keeping Seal of approval”.

Nadita says    BGG… you put me at the edge of my seat lol

BGG says to Nadita   I said long ago – when it is time – they will just “magically” be in compliance…

puffdragon says to Imperator    Thats what my understanding is RV equals article 8 !
Imperator says    i agree BGG

Nadita says    BGG.. in other words.. the rate has been there and whoala.. they pull the rabbit out of the hat
BGG says    no one listened… (as per usual)

Nadita says    BGG.. we kinda have selective hearing lol

BGG says    not even (especially) Mike…

Doodle Brain says    THEY ARE COMPLIANT!

wmawhite says to Baxter1243    The CBi could release their currency today but it may very well not go anywhere because the IMF has not given it their blessing.

THE BLOG – Dinar Daily NEWS Blog –

Baxter1243 says    wma.. exactly

BGG says     then – when it’s time – they start selling the Dinar for 1182 – NO ONE SAW THAT COMING.

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    ya…the creators of QE can make anything evaporate when ready


Imperator says    go figure

diagyAAAE says    For the record, QUICK doesnt listen lol

BGG says    of all the scenarios anyone could have dreamed up – who would think they would sell Dinar for less?? Guess what – it makes things work…

wmawhite says to BGG(    Very True…….NO ANNOUNCEMENTS either!!!!

RickeyT says to BGG    so you are saying they are in a float now?

BGG says    AND… think this over…

quicktolegit96 says    RICKEY I DO LOL

BGG says    they are selling it for 1182 NOT 1166..

Nadita says    BGG… Iraq is good in slipping in things lol

Imperator says to wmawhite    the IMF gave them a to do list. when that is accomplsihed the blessing will follow.


Nadita says    imperator.. you got it right

wmawhite says to Imperator    I believe you are correct.and that is what the MoU is all about too.

Nadita says    quick.. I like Frank… he is goofy and make me laugh so hard with his singing lol

Imperator says    and that is very exciting

BGG says    They are basically giving 16 Dinar per Dollar AWAY – why??

Nadita says    imperator.. how far are they in the list you think..?

RickeyT says to BGG    spread

Nadita says    BGG.. to add value to dinar… more dinar in USD

Imperator says    thats a great question Nadita

Doodle Brain says    because the IMF is controlling them now?

BGG says to Nadita    if you ever hear me sing – HANG UP!!

Imperator says    i think it will be revealed only when its a 100%

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    time to get the rest of the dollars off the streets get them to start using their own imo

BGG says    wrong – wrong and wrong…

diagyAAAE says    lo9l

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG   heh

Imperator says    i will take them off their hands cantwait

Nadita says    BGG.. hahahahaha… I would wonder what you eat for dinner lol

BGG says to RickeyT    No – (btw)

katkat says    4 days until tariffs???

Royal says    was Millionday in tonight?

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    why would the cbi want to absorb usd for dinars other than getting ready for what katkat just said?

maine says    so it wont be a float?

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    (hint) – IMF COMPLIANCE!!

Signman says    BGG to get within the 2 percent

katkat says    BGG, if tariffs are imposed at 1182…not good

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    who is in charge??

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    oh yea I’m past that now lol

Doodle Brain says to Royal   no, she will be in Monday. This why BGG is giving us news tonight!

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    way past that part    🙂

Royal says    Ok Thanks

Doodle Brain says    IMF is controlling what they do now?

Imperator says    BGG is much more interactive lol

BGG says to Signman    now you’re talkin’…

Nadita says    maine.. we have been floating all these years lol at 1166

larrykn says    seems to me they are getting all this done for the big finish 🙂

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    I’ve been saying that for a loooong time

maine says    that was an imposed rate of 1166

Imperator says    i tend to agree Larrykn

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    then –

Nadita says   maine yep and our floating raft lol


Roths     What They Say Goes….

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    AMEN…
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    currency auctions going buh bye it appears

Nadita says    BGG.. IMF gave the okay, Iraq pushes the button

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    🙂

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    🙂

quicktolegit96 says    OK, SO LAYMAN TERMS…?

cjquade54 says to Nadita    yes weren’t they given the green light?

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    We will see – I’m not sure which side of the GOI it is that doesn’t like the auctions.

Nadita says    cjq.. yes they did a month ago

mimi3 says to quicktolegit96    yes I agree layman’s terms!

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    The pros or the cons…

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    gotcha

quicktolegit96 says    I JUST WAS GIVEN A HEADACHE..

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    think I got somethin on that too

Nadita says    mimi3.. in other words.. IMF as a parent has approved the little boy to wear big boy pants

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV    BRING IT!!

Doodle Brain says to quicktolegit96   😀

quicktolegit96 says   NAD LMAO

mimi3 says to Nadita   good 😀

Doodle Brain says to Nadita   (y)
mimi3 says to Nadita    when?
Doodle Brain says to mimi3    Just waiting for Amazon Drone to drop the delivery

BGG says to mimi3    30 days ago – it appears.

quicktolegit96 says    NADITA WHAT BRAND OF PULLUPS?

Nadita says    quick depends lol

Nadita says    mimi3 hopefully next week prior to tariff if they stick to the date

mimi3 says to BGG    hi long time no talk!!:)

BGG says to mimi3    that’s when things started to turn around.

diagyAAAE says    Nathan Rothchild…. IMF…. CBI…. Who runs the world money?


CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    Economist: Central steps are useless and should be eliminated currency auction 12/12/2015

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    He Economists, on Friday, that the steps the central bank to reduce the amount of funds sold through the daily currency auction is useless in the control of corruption and the smuggling of currency outlets, calling for an economic plan that limit the trading of foreign currency within government institutions and the abolition of the daily bank to sell the dollar auction.

Said economist Mustafa Mohamed Habib said in an interview for “term” that “reducing the amounts sold by the central bank does not necessarily mean control of multiple embezzlement outlets and smuggling money the country abroad.”

He added that “an elaborate economic plan under which the study of the actual need for the local market of the dollar, which is converted to import consumer goods on a daily basis and limited to foreign currency to the country’s economic institutions, represented by the Central Bank.

Doodle Brain says to diagyAAAE   China
BGG says to diagyAAAE   (Millionday) 😀

Doodle Brain says to diagyAAAE   :S

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    “He said the” stop the auction may cause increased demand for the dollar, which makes dollar higher against the dinar, but my time high does not exceed three months at the latest, thus stabilizing the market according to price certain strengthening of the national currency. ”

Doodle Brain says to BGG  (y)

diagyAAAE says   Who Just Joined the IMF?

Imperator says    meanwhile Americans are buying fireams at a faster pace than even when Clinton was President! lol

diagyAAAE says    WB

TONYV says    BGG: Do you believe Ramadi and Mosul must be secure before an RV can happen?

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG    “the sale amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad the price is 1187 dinars per dollar, including the commission of the Central Bank of $ 21 dinars per dollar, while cash sales price of 1190 dinars per dollar including the commission of the Central Bank of $ 24 dinars per dollar.

The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords announced in the third of last March, the new regulations set by the Bank is that the auction is no longer a daily window of operations for the sale of currency auctions, noting that the new mechanisms developed to sell this currency and especially that of its functions to provide currency for foreign trade.”

BGG says to TONYV    No – do you?

Nadita says    Tony… Ramadi and Mosul are done 🙂

mimi3 says to BGG    will we see a green christmas?


TONYV says    BGG: Not sure, that’s why I asked.

quicktolegit96 says    MIMI USUALLY A WHITE ONE…..LOL

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG  LINK

Nadita says    BGG… make sure you have a backup server 🙂

mimi3 says to quicktolegit96   no not here

Doodle Brain says to Nadita    and a busboy too!
Doodle Brain says to Nadita    bussboy

Doodle Brain says to Nadita    a Chef, a Driver and an Assistant!

BGG says to TONYV    Did you know Mosul used to burn Christians to light the night??

Nadita says    Doodle LOL otherwise poor mods 🙂

BGG says to TONYV    Why do you think Jonah didn’t want to go there??

TONYV says    BGG: No, very sad….

BGG says to TONYV    he HATED them

puffdragon says to Doodle Brain    Better throw in that body guard !!:D

Nadita says    BGG.. and he ended in the belly of the whale

Risk says to BGG    So did Nero

Imperator says   for quite some tim iraqi banks were not taking a commission on the dinars we

Doodle Brain says to puffdragon   (y)

BGG says to Nadita    my point is – God didn’t forget.

Imperator says    maybe the 1182 is a catchup rate

Nadita says    BGG.. yes

BGG says to Nadita    and I make no prefession of understanding anything.

satrib says    oh cool….news with BGG

mimi3 says to satrib    I know I love it!

TONYV says    BGG: Now I understand.

Nadita says    BGG… not trying to put you on the spot… 🙂 and won’t hold you under the gun.. you think we are very close like at the front door…???

quicktolegit96 says    ASN?

mimi3 says    or at least on the sidewalk:D

maine says    how about a strategy if it comes out low

BGG says to Nadita    Mosul is the capital of the province of Ninevah… likely the biblical Ninevah.

Nadita says    mimi3… no that is too far lol

mimi3 says to Nadita    I agree!

Nadita says    BGG.. yep and God forgave them and Jonah got mad at God..

puffdragon says to BGG    See how you stir things up !!:D

Baxter1243 says    If that dam bursts… there wont be any Mosul…. be under about 20 feet of water

BGG says to Nadita    not exactly in that order.

Nadita says    BGG.. you think Iraq and Iran are the towers of Babel…?

Imperator says    its a fascinating history, and historically a wealthy people

diagyAAAE says to puffdragon    Thats the Holy Spirit my nrother…
diagyAAAE says to puffdragon    b rother’

BGG says to Nadita    Jonah was mad – that he had to go there.
BGG says to Nadita    God forgave them after…

Nadita says    BGG… the people of Nineveh repented

diagyAAAE says to puffdragon    Where 2 or 3 are gathered, there IAM

quicktolegit96 says    SO WE ARE AT THE DOORBELL…

BGG says to Nadita    exactly.
Babe says    prefer a green one

Babe says    Christmas

Nadita says    quick.. the door is open, please come in lol

CanTWaitwoRV says to quicktolegit96    lookin that way

BGG says    I think I already made my points – and I think you all get it…

puffdragon says to diagyAAAE    Is that why Millionday nick named BGG, BFF !

Imperator says   i am in Florida its always a green Christmas

quicktolegit96 says    SO THE SKINNY OF THINGS……….

Nadita says    imperator.. I like white Christmas…

diagyAAAE says    LOL Dont ask me

Nadita says    I am dreaming of a white christmas with lots of greens and reds..

Imperator says    me too Nadita

quicktolegit96 says    NAD AS LONG AS YOU GOT RUM AND EGG NOGG

Nadita says   and make it soon so I can go shopping lol
Nadita says   quick.. better than that

BGG says to puffdragon:  or it could be the G and the F are right next to each other… (lol) TYPO!!

diagyAAAE says():  HAHHA possibly

Babe says  been living in the panhandle for the past few years….super cold…will be in Port Lavaca….warm and green

BGG says  OK gang – That’s it for me…

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