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BGG Newstime

BGG says(6:37 PM):   OK – here we go…
BGG says(6:37 PM):   Sorry gang – MD won’t be in tonite.

LLN65 says to BGG(6:37 PM):   whooop whooop BGG!!

BGG says(6:37 PM):   However, I’ll be doing a News Time…
BGG says(6:38 PM):   how about we do a Q & A again??
BGG says(6:38 PM)    (like the other nite??)

Charlie&Gracie says(6:38 PM):   Sounds good
Pablo says(6:38 PM):   Okay.

Hutch says to BGG(6:38 PM):n   (y)

BGG says(6:38 PM):   You guys up for it??

templejc says(6:38 PM):   yep
larrykn says(6:38 PM):   yep

dovi says to BGG(6:38 PM):   Hey! Good you’re here!

dovi says to BGG(6:38 PM):   yes up for it
puffdragon says(6:38 PM):   Allways !

BGG says(6:38 PM):   normal News Time rules apply…
BGG says(6:39 PM):   let’s get going…
BGG says(6:39 PM):   Any ??’s to start off??

RickeyT says(6:40 PM):   would you please address what your loyal reader was talking about?

BGG says to RickeyT(6:40 PM):   No clue – apparently – not so loyal. Not here…
BGG says to RickeyT(6:41 PM):   some comment about not being optimistic about the near future…    and asked me what I thought.

RickeyT says(6:41 PM):   yes sir

BGG says to RickeyT(6:42 PM):   I took it as a sneaky way to ask what I think. Ask thomas1 how that works.

RickeyT says(6:42 PM):   LOL

puffdragon says(6:43 PM):   With all that has been done to date, laws, corruption security, loans promissed, Can this go on at 1166 past Jan 1st when 2016 budget is suposed to be opened ?

BGG says to puffdragon(6:44 PM):   Simple answer – yes… complicated answer… how much past that date… ??    probably not long.

Baxter1243 says(6:44 PM):   Are the Tariffs still set to start soon? Like Jan 1?

BGG says to Baxter1243(6:45 PM):   not sure – but if you see legit tariffs start and hold – you will see a rate…

Baxter1243 says(6:45 PM):   (y)
poppy3 says(6:45 PM):   poppy3 ??????

BGG says to Baxter1243(6:45 PM):   unless they want to commit economic “Hari Kari”…

BGG says to poppy3(6:46 PM):   !hola friend – WOOPS…
BGG says to poppy3(6:46 PM):   HOWDY!!

poppy3 says(6:46 PM):   how about cbi removing the rat on line from jan 1 thru 3rd
poppy3 says(6:46 PM):   reposting rate on the 4th ?????????????

poppy3 says(6:47 PM):   RATE

BGG says to poppy3(6:47 PM):   Not sure what that means… but it is curious – the delay.
BGG says to poppy3(6:47 PM):   and if they give us a “late New Years” present – I WILL TAKE IT!!

Dinar Investor says(6:47 PM):   To expound upon what Poppy3 just said, what are your thoughts on the ISX being closed from dec 28 to Jan 3?


BGG says to poppy3(6:48 PM):   (BTW – my deep SW lingo was showing… 😀 – !hola)
BGG says to Dinar Investor(6:49 PM):   again – not sure I’m going to read too much into it – other than that – AND the CBI delay is very curious. To say the least…

poppy3 says(6:49 PM):   LOL,LOL

Pablo says(6:52 PM):   Didn’t the WB insist upon that taxes and tarrifs to start up in exchange for the loans and if so, when did they insist that they start up?

poppy3 says to buck(6:52 PM):   YEP SAID REMOVING THE RATE TILL 4TH

Mrs BGG says to Pablo(6:53 PM):   Where did you hear that?

BGG says to Pablo(6:53 PM):   I’m on a call.

wmawhite says to Pablo(6:54 PM):   it is the reforms they wanted.

Pablo says(6:54 PM):   Yes, That’s right.
Pablo says(6:54 PM):   Wasn’t it in the news logs a few days ago?

dale says to subgirl(6:55 PM):   Alak remains inplace …. the IMF is now assisting …. we’ve seen Shabibi in pictures the last few months … do you think Shabibi has some role in this?

BGG says to dale(6:56 PM):   Other that with the IMF – I doubt he has much of a role…
BGG says to dale(6:56 PM):   he won’t ever go back to Iraq.

puffdragon says(6:57 PM):   Bgg are you ready for the new task of vetting the best places to do our exchanges And how long would you be willing to offer that service Thank You :)(v)

BGG says to dale(6:57 PM):   OMG – I AM!!

dale says to subgirl(6:57 PM):   BGG :Thanks

jtank says(6:58 PM):   any sign of the elusive 50k note?

BGG says to jtank(6:59 PM):   Just big talk so far.

jtank says(6:59 PM):   thx
jtank says(6:59 PM):   smoke?

BGG says to jtank(6:59 PM):   Til I see otherwise…

maine says(7:00 PM):   what is the latest on maliki?

Signman says(7:02 PM):   Unless I’m mistaken would not the 4th of January be 30 day since they changed the rate to 1182 to make the

Signman says(7:02 PM):   sorry

BGG says to maine(7:03 PM):   Not much really – and that is odd.

maine says(7:03 PM):   i thought so too! thanks BGG

BGG says to maine(7:03 PM):   a big point being Maliki’s main power base is the Shia PMU’s – Abadi isn’t using them right now.

BGG says to maine(7:05 PM):   in minimizing their role – he’s minimizing HIS ROLE – AND according to FOX – (or substitute any other news outlet) they are WINNING without the SHIA PMU’s…

BGG says to maine(7:05 PM):   so much for Abu Azrael as a PR pawn.

maine says(7:05 PM):   andthe Sunnis are helping too
BGG says to Signman(7:06 PM):   again – I’m good with that!!
BGG says to Signman(7:06 PM):   BOOM.

dennis2 says(7:06 PM):   Any new updates on Dinar Corp? IE: FBI contacting us (or us contacting them) or anything to return any funds to us

BGG says to dennis2(7:08 PM):   IMHO – they (the FBI) are working on “rounding up the funds” – it’s all about the money… once they get it. Once they get Sterling’s money – they will work on getting it back to the investors (once they “classify” them/us as “victims” – sorry, their lingo…)

dennis2 says(7:08 PM):   Okay. Thank you

BGG says to dennis2(7:09 PM):   I have no doubts the FBI/Government has NO DESIGNS on that money – they will return as much as possible to the people. ALL IMHO only.

7shiela says(7:09 PM):   Do we really have a hold up or is this really how it was to play out anyway?

BGG says to 7shiela(7:10 PM):   there have been a lot of “twists to the plot” – what we call them is up to us… I highly doubt any of this was planned.

nromeo says(7:10 PM):   what would happen if they did nothing with the currancy and just kept using the usd?they have been using it for many years and are still surviving u think that is at all possible what would happen to Iraq

7shiela says(7:11 PM):   TY

BGG says to nromeo(7:12 PM):   long run – NO CAN DO – IMF is in charge. They can’t have a “dual currency country” as a major exporter of oil. Muy no bueno…

nromeo says(7:12 PM):   TY



BGG says to quicktolegit96(7:20 PM):   Soon.

jtank says(7:21 PM):   lol

BGG says to quicktolegit96(7:21 PM):   kinda funny there was so much made of this 50K note thing and then “bupkis”… NADA – Nothin’….

BGG says to quicktolegit96(7:21 PM):   whaaaaaaaaa????

BGG says to quicktolegit96(7:22 PM):   think about it like this… there was all kind of noise made about the LD’s – there are even some legit (late model) LD’s in circulation – BUT NOT WIDE SPREAD.
BGG says to quicktolegit96(7:23 PM):   SAME THING W/50k notes…
BGG says to quicktolegit96(7:23 PM):   a few leaking out…
BGG says to quicktolegit96(7:23 PM):   lots of talk – nothing…

quicktolegit96 says(7:23 PM):   BGG TRUE, I BELIEVE WE ARE AT THE ENDING

7shiela says(7:23 PM):   So as far as laws and such they are already done..right? I mean, we’re not waiting on anymore of that stuff? So all we’re waiting for now is the implementation of everything?

BGG says to quicktolegit96(7:23 PM):   point is – when it is expedient for “whatever plan is real” – we’ll see them for REAL.

jtank says(7:24 PM):   why?

BGG says to 7shiela(7:24 PM):   IMHO – probably, yes…

puffdragon says(7:24 PM):   This all boils down to DO or DIE ! Iraq on the chopping block, My money is on Iraq and Abadi !(y)

BGG says to puffdragon(7:25 PM):   So far – he’s a good bet.
BGG says to puffdragon(7:25 PM):    it’s only been a year.

templejc says(7:25 PM):   So I have have just been just observing for 2 years – could you give us 2 or 3 reasons why many are suggesting by Jan1 or soon after?

puffdragon says(7:25 PM):   Ditto BGG:)

BGG says to puffdragon(7:25 PM):   things are stabilized and he’s taking back ground that Maliki GAVE AWAY!!

puffdragon says(7:26 PM):   All good stuff also the port of FAW progress

BGG says to templejc(7:27 PM):   I don’t want to denegrate another’s opinion… I am glad we’re here… could be LOTS WORSE.

templejc says(7:28 PM):   ok 🙂

BGG says to templejc(7:28 PM):   aand really – ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN at this point… meaning anything at anytime… (as opposed to the boo birds saying NOTHING for a long time)…

templejc says(7:29 PM):   Thanks 🙂

Bentley says(7:29 PM):   Do you think they can raise the peoples hopes to this new, higher level and then…yet again, not come through without serious repercussions? WOLF, Wolf, wolf, wo

BGG says to Bentley(7:29 PM):   please tell your grandson – I AM SOOO Sorry. I have been most preoccupied with a couple of projects.

Bentley says(7:29 PM):   will do

BGG says to Bentley(7:30 PM):   truthfully – they have come thru… taking Ramadi with only Sunnis is a major step.

Bentley says(7:30 PM):   yeah, but no jingle in the jeans!

BGG says to Bentley(7:31 PM):   not only does it signal a major political shift within the Baghdad GOI – IT FRIGGIN’ WORKED!!
BGG says to Bentley(7:31 PM):   meaning they took back ground – which is real.

Bentley says(7:31 PM):   Its like me being excited about what happent in Seattle regarding Climate Change
Bentley says(7:32 PM):   Yea, good…but what does that do for me?

BGG says to Bentley(7:33 PM):   Don’t get me started – this winter will have the CC peeps in high gear.

Bentley says(7:33 PM):   Woooops

BGG says to Bentley(7:33 PM):   we’ll hear about it for years!!

Bentley says(7:33 PM):   I meant Marajuana

BGG says to Bentley(7:33 PM):   moving on…

BGG says to Bentley(7:34 PM):   (:o)

Bentley says(7:34 PM):   Thinnk they will follow up and go North!?

Bentley says(7:36 PM):   I’m thinking those two cities need to be in their control before they will feel save RV’s the money.

Bentley says(7:36 PM):   sorry, jumped in there…

BGG says to Bentley(7:36 PM):   Mosul is symbolic – for sure.

Dinarnewbie says(7:37 PM):   that report a few days ago about them only being able to deal with dinar, has that gone into effect. No problemo 🙂 Thank you for stopping by 🙂

BGG says to Dinarnewbie(7:38 PM):   I highly doubt – just yet.
BGG says to Dinarnewbie(7:38 PM):   However, hang on…

Dinarnewbie says(7:38 PM):   ok, I figured as much, thank you.
Dinarnewbie says(7:38 PM):   ok

BGG says to Dinarnewbie(7:38 PM):   HUGE SMOKE here –
Iraq revives plan to sell bonds two billion dollars 12/28

BGG says to Dinarnewbie(7:38 PM):   I laughed out loud…

Dinarnewbie says(7:39 PM):   yeah I was curious about that, lol

BGG says(7:39 PM):   a snowball in TX has a better chance…

Dinarnewbie says(7:39 PM):   lol

BGG says(7:39 PM):   which begs the?? why spread that jibberish around??

benvetted says(7:40 PM):   Bentley(y)(y)

Dinarnewbie says(7:40 PM):   hmmmm
Dinarnewbie says(7:40 PM):   good point

jd says(7:41 PM):   Why mess around with 2 billion in bonds,are they inept?

Abby says(7:41 PM):   the snowball in Texas has a very good chance today

BGG says to jd(7:42 PM):   Smoke…
BGG says to jd(7:42 PM):   and now ask yourself why??

jd says(7:43 PM):   Must be.

jtank says(7:43 PM):   bgg whats ur idea on that?

BGG says(7:43 PM):   Here’s what I’ll end on – for those of you wanting an idea of Maliki’s plight – read this…

Iraq revives plan to sell bonds two billion dollars 12/28

Read More :…rent-Iraq-NEWS

BGG says(7:44 PM):   Woops – sorry. Wrong article…

jd says(7:44 PM):   Maybe to show investors that they are a long ways off from a RV??

BGG says(7:44 PM):   Maliki resort to the judiciary to blackmail Sheikh agent in the amount of five billion Iraqi dinars

Read More :…billion-dinars
BGG says to jd(7:45 PM):   When was the last time they told the truth?? EVEN IF THEY KNEW IT TO TELL??

Bentley says(7:45 PM):   methane in a windstorm

jd says(7:45 PM):   Poppy says if they are talking they are lieing.

BGG says to jd(7:46 PM):   That is a scathing piece on Maliki’s current plight in Iraq… he’s resorting to lawsuits to restore his public image…

BGG says to jd(7:46 PM):   if that’s where he’s at – won’t happen… which is what the writer is pointing out. He’s cooked.

BGG says to jd(7:47 PM):   (of course I said this long ago… 😀 )

BGG says(7:47 PM):   Nite everyone.

sheila3 says(7:47 PM):   WE WILL BE BACK WITH THE LINK SOON
Baxter1243 says(7:47 PM):  thx BGG.

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