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J+G: BGG, With many gurus (Frank and Delta, the Goat (who many forget said that there was a rolling RV in country parroting TNT’s DC a while back) and others I suppose…are now saying 2016.

Now kicking the can down the road is easy enough…but I wonder…

I don’t know about you but there seems to be a haste…a momentum of sorts that is uncharacteristic of Iraq. Not saying date … but still, there seems to be a tiny hint of a plan that is afoot which could be this RV or MR whatever could be, really and truly – be at anytime.

Yeah, could be next year and these guys, if given an inch, will take all of that but the clock is ticking on liquidity and the damage it is doing. Taking this down to the wire would actually encourage an avalanche of problems that could not be derailed.

Something like if you owe massive debt – even if you get a chunk of money at the last minute, it probably will not stop certain actions by creditors already put into motion. My point is, Iraq is almost already out of time now!!

I agree with you that the next 2-6 weeks might be more interesting than the know-it-all gurus might realize…..just saying!!

A final point….It must be remembered that no matter what intel, news or insider contacts anyone has – there is one underlying truth to this event.

This is… nobody can noodle this out to predict anything because the moment they do, they are already wrong – and that goes for all…Tony, Goat, Frank, Kap, Chattels , Montana, Backdoc, etc…

The GOI/Abadi know full well this cannot ever be telegraphed because given today’s communication – big time speculators would wreak havoc.

So when I read one of these guys saying, oh it can’t be until next year because (recent bit from Mtn. Goat) an experienced person would say to themselves “well having said that I know you are already wrong because if you predict that then don’t you know that Abadi and the CBI have already taken this into account.

All we can do is measure progress that is all pure and simple and something that DU does quite well. The progress is speeding up as per my previous e-mail and tells us that something is in the wind!!

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