In Bloodloch 

The new 50 dinar note, as someone pointed out, is worth about 5 US cents. I believe this may be the start of a transition to a new, more valuable “class” of currency, one made of very small denominations, but of very large value. People may tend to panic when they consider Iraq coming out with a new currency that will, EVENTUALLY, replace their old triple zero notes, but they should not. The CBI has reportedly stated that both currencies will exist side by side for years. This would actually explain what they meant by that statement. Once they issue the new very low denominations of dinars, and if they declare them to be equal to a US dollar, I believe the face value of total currency issued will drop precipitously and we will see a positive change in the foreign exchange rate of the old IQD within 60 days, given Iraq’s current velocity of money figure of about once every two months. THIS IS JUST THEORYCRAFT AND JUST ONE OPINION OF HOW IT MIGHT OCCUR, NOT HOW IT WILL OCCUR.