In Bluwolf 

I always said that in the end times that a lot of disinformation and misinformation would come out to create confusion and hysteria and here I give a example.

On behalf of a great friend and a great American I wish to ask all of the people who are calling his number with insults and what have yous to please stop for he has not written nor been on conference calls nor has he been on Facebook nor Twitter.

There are impostors out there trying to destabilize this rv which is soon to be released with all this garbage which only can come from a sick and wicked mind. The person who is in harms way is our beloved Okie.

​People he did not send nor created the following so please stop calling him with your insults and rude behaviors. He who does call in this form or attitude is really sick to say the least.

The following Twitter was not written by Okie.

So help us out people, like always my sincere gratitude and thanks to Dinar Recaps for there time and valuable help.

A quick tidbit, banks are on extreme alert status and waiting to here the go from the person in charge.

Sorry but I cannot share any specifics but we are very close now.

​Thank you ,be blessed, Na’mastes, Happy Journeys

​Bluwolf (the real McCoy jejeje)