In Bluwolf

Blu’s: Things to do right now in order to keep your dialogs by phone and your texts safe from spys.

*You need to encrypt your cellphones, tablets and your PC’s

And this must be done as off today.

*You must install a vpn.

Once installed your wifi and your location will be changed to a remote ip in some foreign space and time.

*Once you get your 800 appointment you must deviate from social media (fb, messenger, whatsup etc.)

*You must get into and encrypted email account.

*You must install and encrypted browser on your PC’s and tablets

*And you must muffle up and stop communicating this rv/redemption with others


The NSA will be sweeping in on all conversations and texts coming out of your devices. And if caught they will take your monies and close your accounts, count on it.

*Have your project worksheet ready, make a copy and leave same with your WM in your first 20 minute appointment.

*Remember that this is all your monies and that the banks have to create this humanitarian bubble centered around you not around them.

Remember to create different accounts for all your currencies (one for dinar,one for dong etc.) Remember to create a trust FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD

This is strictly to be use for Godly purposes not humanitarian. Use same mother-load model.

*I recommend moving to a new place to a new address immediately

I encourage that all future help be given out anonymously. Remember to please payoff all debt immediately.

*Remember to create a mother-load account and never to use same.(only transfer money from it)

*Do all projects here forth utilizing only the returns in interest.

*Steer away from corrupted politicians and there causes.

And stay away from politics as a whole.

*Create a Trust for your children and there generations to come. Leave a legacy to last a lifetime. And last and not least ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR LIVES IN A GODLY MATTER.