In Bluwolf, Dinar Guru Updates 

My thoughts and my heart goes out to those whom are being deceived.  I know that I have never deceived anyone in my 20-year journey.

There are so many out there whom from a simple avatar in a room became my companions later they became my friends and during the last 16 years they have become my family.

I know that we have waited long for our blessing to arrive but like all blessings from above it is and always will be in God’s perfect timing and not before. Both the time and the date is His ruling not that of man.

Those that know me can only speak good things of me, those that speak negative things of my person then they never really knew me at all or cared to. Some come to me for there interest on where we really are in this investment because they really want like me to be a part of that magnificent army of my Lord Jehovah God and His son Jesus ,THE ARMY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, one that for the last 20 years I put my two cents to create.

But some only want info so that they can hurry in and stampede to any God forsaken bank and get the peanuts rates that some irresponsible s and evil people are putting out there.  I can only do like Noah and abide to what God instructed me to do and that is it.

From 34 to 600 from 600 to 3,250,000 and from 3,250,000 to over 50,000,000 worldwide.  Well with those numbers which are the real score by the way I think my mission here is about over. But no I will hang in there though I am in deed very tired.  I will seize only when the very last of you come out of the bank victorious and happy with the correct amount and the highest rates.

One thing I have taught you to follow me in your own footprints and not to ever follow me as sheep. So listen if you hear someone and start to be dependent on what he or she is stating and you start to criticize and doubt what others like me are saying then you must steer away from these folks because you are being lured in like sheep to a corral or like a tired fish on the lured. And I cannot help you there  just like Noah did I must close the ark and never look back.

I am looking forward to phase two of God’s blessing and that is doing good to humanity and I am sure that many of you will walk with me side by side in this magnificent and wild journey that only God can whip up.

So I guess I will catch you all and see on the other side.  God bless all, much health,much prosperity and many shall be the blessings.

Na’mastes, Happy Journeys,