In Bluwolf 

Open Message to ears of Our President

Today is 7.7.2020 and it is 17:34 pm ast.

We do have confirmations of exchanges at different countries worldwide, we have the liberation of the GCR fully.

We do have the highest security install so no one should worry about being shot at by some punk sniper.

We do have the bank personnel fully install waiting to start executing the exchange and to give out the emails and the 800 #.

The dinar is well close to 28 usn at this current time frame but could change.  The rates on all 209 currencies are astronomical at this point and no they will not be seen through the forex, ABSOLUTELY no DOUBLE DIPPING.

But we still are waiting for the U.S. to take heed and finally release this thing so that humanity as a whole will finally be free from all debt as promised by Jehovah God because this is a blessing and not a financial happening.

I just wish that this message would fall into the ears of this president for I want him to know that the best thing that could happen to America, its territories, and the rest of the world is for him as the President of these United States to finally release this blessing for all to see and for all to finally be free as it was always intended by GESARA/NESARA and the GCR/RV and now the redemption of the Zim bond.

Mister President sir, it is now your turn to do that which is right for history and freedom of the people of the world.

I already know the outcome of this and it’s set to happen just as described above.

Sir the time is NOW. JUST DO IT !