In Bluwolf

Divine Reality

If God Jehová is the Almighty Power That Be and I know that for a fact. If all things not even a leaf cannot be moved or done if He does not command it and I know that this is so true.

If man can never be more powerful then the Almighty and that is also a fact.

If all is to be done under Jehova’s most perfect timing and this is so true. If all who wait for this blessing called the GCR and rv/redemption know for a fact that God is still waiting for all His Army of Christians, Catholics, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish and all Spiritual denominations to be on board to do what is right for all human kind coming together as one to undo what has been wrong by greed of money, to undo the economic slavery that has been imposed for hundreds of years.

To undo the injustice imposed upon by the greedy people in government, they who only think of themselves and have forgotten those who voted for them who got them in this position of power.

These people who by Faith in the Almighty have waited these 20 long years. Let it be known that God Jehová is now seated upon His great white horse and will be giving out the charge shortly.

Let it be known that this Armys wait is now over. And that all evil doers and do will be stricken from the helms of history. Let it be known that this man made pandemic will be lifted by the first 5 days of September.

And that by the birth date of our Lord Jesus all shall be back to normal. This I declare fully done by the Almighty Blood of My Lord Jesus Christ with the Almighty Blessing of Jehová God Amén. Na’mastes Bluwolf